Real food with rave reviews.

Real food with rave reviews.

I am a mother of three with my littlest being born in early April of this year. I have struggled to produce enough milk with all my babies due to past thyroid and pituitary issues. I have done my research on all these different companies that produce lactation support snacks, and found Nourisher Nursing Bars to work the best! I eat one bar a day (Banana/chocolate is my fav!), and I have gone from producing a total of one ounce pumped (that's a both breast total) to now getting an average of four ounces every time I pump This is has given me the ability to relax a little more about going back to work because I know my baby girl will be able to continue having breastmilk, despite my absence.

Kara R.

I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical about these bars- both the taste, and if they actually helped milk supply. Well I found them to taste pretty good, they're filling so they're perfect for a snack, and they've helped up my milk supply when I pump so I'm able to freeze some while I'm still on maternity leave. After trying the sampler, I just ordered a case of the blueberry coconut because those were my favorite!

Lisa M.

I've been more health conscious and pay more attention to what I eat ever since becoming pregnant and of course, continuing on with a healthy diet while breastfeeding... these bars are THE perfect any time snack (even my late night time snack haha). So convenient to keep in my purse as well. I really appreciate the wholesome ingredients and of course, the taste! I plan to breastfeed for another year and so I was looking for the right cookie (in this case, bars) to aid in keeping my supply up.. and I think I've found them!

Christine O.

Just having a baby there are so many stresses from am I doing this right, why is he crying, lack of sleep, stress with your partner, and am I producing enough food for my baby! These bars help me feel so confident by helping boost my supply that I am giving my nugget everything he needs to continue to grow and develop :) plus they taste amazing!

Erin R.

I got the trial pack (6 bars) of these, and now I'm obsessed! Increased milk supply - and a good snack to always have on hand. They're surprisingly super filling, and very yummy! Better than eating the lactation cookies that are all sugar.

Kaitlyn A.

I pump exclusively and Milkful bars have been an invaluable aid since our daughter was born. They taste great and really do help increase production. And the company is wonderful..

Moyra W.

Since I started eating the Milkful bars I have noticed an increase in my milk supply, but have kept that supply steady as well. My daughter is only 5 weeks old and she is not eating all I supply so I am able to freeze some for when I return to work! Highly recommend these bars to any working Mamas looking for a boost in supply before returning to work! Love all the flavors!

Jamie O.

Thanks to Milkful we are still going strong with breastfeeding at four months! I work full time and am finishing my Master's degree, so having this product to help with my supply is invaluable to me. Thank you Milkful! Love, Mimi and Ellis Rose

Michelle W.

These bars are really yummy! I eat one each morning for breakfast along with a smoothie. I just had my third child and I have always struggled with supply issues starting around 6 or 8 weeks. I am hitting the 8 week mark now and have been eating these bars for a few weeks and no supply issues so far this time!

Lauren L.

I received my first shipment shortly after my second daughter was born. With a threenager ruling my house I had little time to really meal plan or make sure I was getting enough calories. The first week or so I really struggled and then I started having the bars with my morning coffee and I am in love! Thank you for making something healthy and helpful.

Megan M.

I enjoyed the bars. The flavor was great and I didn't feel guilty eating them. I only needed one bar a day to give my supply a slight boost. This is great for me on days when I am at work and have to pump. I can enjoy the bar on my drive in and I see an increase during my first two pumping sessions of the day. Making sure I can produce enough for my baby while I work during the week is of the utmost importance to me. This product helps me ensure that it happens.

Lisa O.

Wow, these lactation bars are fabulous! My daughter was 9 months old when I ordered them for the first time. A friend recommended them to me after I had asked her for advice about my milk supply slowly diminishing. I noticed a difference after a few days of eating 2 per day. My daughter is now 11 months old and I am more easily able to keep producing enough breast milk for her. I am so happy I found them! I actually gave another friend a couple to try (her little one is just 3 months old) and I met a very new Mom at an airport and gave her one to try as well! With my busy schedule, it became so hard to constantly bake lactation cookies and these are truly wonderful.... they taste great and I know what every ingredient is. I will probably be ordering my next batch soon. Thank you so much!

Jana A.

I had serious doubts that a bar could help boost my milk supply, but after eating just one a day, I have seen my daily supply increase by anywhere from 2 to 5 ounces. It's amazing! These bars are helping me achieve my goal of exclusively breastfeeding my baby to six months!

Mallory R.

Not only are they very tasty but they really do work! I work 13 hr shifts and I usually make 4 oz every 4 hrs. When my baby girl was 5 months I noticed I only made 3oz every 4 hrs. After one of these bars every morning, I started making almost 5oz every 4 hrs. Baby girl is 6 months old and we are happy and comfortable the way things are now. With these bars, drinking 2L of water daily, and trying to eat more greens everyday-- we are right where we want to be!!!

Jenna M.

I love Milkful bars and feel that they are helping me keep pace with baby's growing appetite! After a bout with the stomach bug my supply noticeably dropped. I incorporated Milkful bars into my daily routine, and my supply increased after just a few days! I will definitely continue eating these through the duration of nursing my baby! The chocolate banana nut is my favorite!

Lauren H.

My daughter is 3 months old. Due to medical conditions, I have been exclusively pumping for her. Now that I am back to work full time, I am unable to pump as often as I would like to, so my supply has dropped some. These bars have made a huge difference!!! I'm getting just as much milk as I was before. They taste great too! I am ordering my second shipment now!!

Jackie D.

These are amazing! I for sure have seen an increase in my supply after having one. Typically, I get about 2-4 extra oz per session after each bar. They are so yummy too!!!!!

Brooke P.

It took a couple of days for milk to kick in after I ate one bar a day. It definitely increased my milk supply from 2oz of pumping to 7oz from both breasts. This is big for me! Thank you for amazing and delicious bars that actually work!

Alla S.

I'm a first time mom and when our baby was 3 days old they had us go and get blood work for our newborn to make sure her bilirubin number went down (jaundice) and it skyrocketed. She was latching and having poo and pee diapers, just like any normal baby I thought. So when we went in they told me she was also dehydrated:( it scared me so much and we had to start formula right then to get hydrated. They had me start on the pump and I was getting nothing probably because my milk didn't come in yet but still I felt like a failure my newborn baby was dehydrated because I wasn't producing . After 2 extra days in the hospital pumping and maybe getting 20ml at a time out of both breasts my most in the hospital was 40ml. We went home and kept supplementing, pumping and feeding off the breast. I was on instagram one day and this brand was an ad so I clicked it, read reviews and said why not I tried the fenugreek pills and I tried these milkmakers cookies (awful taste) so I got the sample pack and I was hooked!!! Oh my God they not only taste amazing but I actually started producing milk . I pumped 3oz out of one and 4oz out of the other!! It was an answered prayer I swear ! So a couple days later since I only got the 6 I ordered 36 bars and ever since I started these she has been exclusively breast fed :) so thanks my baby won't ever go thirsty again! xoxo

Ashley P.

I read the reviews on instagram that this product "doubled my milk supply right away" and was a bit hesitant to believe them but I too am now a customer that can say I instantly saw an increase in my supply and after one bar a day for three days, it truly did double my pumping supply. I was scared I was going to need to supplement my 4 month old but with the help of the Milkful bars, I don't need to do that yet. I have already reordered and will continue to until I no longer need to feed my kiddo.

Meredith A.

I was panicked when my milk supply dropped at around 8 weeks. Although I read this was normal as my body was adjusting to what my baby needed, I was frustrated because I still wanted to pump and save some milk for convenience and the future. After starting the Milkful bars and pumping at least once a day while nursing it went way up! Thankful for the bars and they are delicious so that's a bonus!

Jericka C.

I originally bought Milkful bars when my little one was just 3 weeks old and I was trying to establish good production. He never latched (after 4 lactation consultants and a tongue/lip tie surgery) so I knew it would be a long road ahead of me pumping since my goal has always been 1 year. At that time, I didn't notice a huge difference as I was establishing my supply so didn't buy any more bars. Then... at 8 months... my supply started to seriously drop! I was trying everything! Tea, cookies, malangay supplements, oatmeal, beer, you name it! I then decided to give Milkful bars a shot again... and I'm so glad I did! I've been eating a bar a day for the past two months (sometimes two) and my milk is going strong! I've even gone back to freezing a little. I have renewed confidence that I'll be able to make it to my year goal and perhaps even a little longer. I highly recommend Milkful bars for anyone struggling with supply, especially you pumping mamas, as it's even harder to keep up your supply when pumping! As a side note, I've personally found the chocolate chip bars increase my supply the most... not sure why that is but I'll take it!

Anita J.

I was absolutely surprised to see my milk production increase after eating these bars. Before I tried them I would pump 0.5-1.5 ounces at a time. 1.5 being a lot for me. Now 1.5 ounces is my minimum and I've pumped up to 3 ounces. These bars are worth it for the peace of mind they bring, I'm building a supply of milk in my freezer and my son is getting all the nutrition he needs! Love these bars.

Amy P.

I ordered these bars attempting to increase my supply and WOW! I was able to produce way more than expected!! I had to back down to 1/2 a bar a day!


I purchased the Maple Walnut. These taste great and are not too sweet. They have wholesome ingredients that can help boost milk supply. I am currently nursing a 9 month old. If I need to be away from my daughter I like to have 1-2 bars several hours before I pump to maximize my pumping session. I am a postpartum doula and placenta encapsulation specialist. I would happily recommend these bars to my clients! Thanks Milkful for a great product.

Alayna S.

The bars are delicious and really help with increasing supply. I am forced to exclusively pump due to a medical issue. Of course, when I switched, my supply decreased. These bars twice a day have increased my supply be several ounces at each session.

Amanda N.

I love the Milkful bars. I love eating a snack knowing that it is benefiting me and my baby. I do notice an increase when I pump and a more consistent amount of milk for my baby. So so so happy with this product.

Ahna D.

I noticed my supply was dipping and ordered these fabulous bars! Oh my gosh, they are amazingly tasty!! I plan to ship them to all my friends with upcoming arrivals. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!

Amanda A.

I love the fact that these bars are truly wholesome and filling. They don’t feel like “empty calories” the way other lactation products do. And as for taste, they did not disappoint! I ordered a package with all 3 flavors and all of them packed a tasty punch. So glad a friend recommended these to me. I’ll be repaying that favor by recommending them as well

Casey W.

The 24 hours after eating my first bar (blueberry almond coconut) I pumped an extra 1oz! I am an "just enougher" so getting my work stash is a big deal for me, I was so ecstatic to be pumping anything extra! I will definitely be ordering more asap! Thank you, you have given this momma hope and a freezer stash!

Alexandria B.

I ordered my first batch of Milkful Lactation Bars after I saw my friend Kristina post about them and after seeing countless positive comments on Facebook. Always wanting to be sure I am nourishing my body for my baby and myself, I love all of the organic and whole ingredients. I am pumping an average of 2-3 ounces more than I was before ordering the lactation bars. I intend to make these bars part of my daily snack!

Anya I.

These bars are amazing. I started eating them right after delivery and my milk came in 2 days later. With my two older children it took a week for my milk to come in and it was never enough to feed them and pump to get a supply built up. This time I am feeding my newborn every 3 hours and pumping about 6-8Oz a day. They are also so delicious! I would recommend these bars to any nursing mom!

Jessica S.

I loved the Milkful bars! They are great to eat to get my day started until I can find time to make a healthy breakfast. I am exclusively breast feeding but I also pump twice a day to build up my milk supply as I am going back to work next week and my 4 month old will be staying with a friend during the day. I went from pumping about 3 ounces in the mornings to over 5 ounces! Not to mention, they taste great!

Adrienne C.

I believe these bars have been helping me keep up my supply while I'm at work. I can't pump regularly, and when I do I seem to get a lot of milk. I can get about 15-20oz while I'm at work. These bars are a bit dry, so I have to drink a lot of water while I eat them. The blueberry one is my favorite. They are a little bit expensive, but it's cheaper than always buying formula. It makes a great snack, especially when I always feel hungry.

Michelle B.

I was looking for something that would assist me in pumping for two more weeks that I worked as a volleyball coach. I needed to pump about 2 bottles a day and my supply was dwindling. I honestly doubted what Milkful would help that much but I was way wrong!! It was almost instant. I ate 1/2 a bar with breakfast and another half at lunch and my supply greatly increased!!! I have shared this product with so many moms!!!!

Alyson C.

I can’t say enough great things about these bars. Not only are they consistent in what the company claims they do, they are a delicious snack. I no longer even need to eat the bars for the boost—I solely eat them because they taste amazing and contain real, whole, consciously-sourced ingredients. I order more bars than previously with each order placed and always go for the variety pack because, well, I love them all!!

Katie R.

These bars taste great and have helped my milk supply increase! I love that they are a healthy addition to my day. They keep me full, are easy to throw in my diaper bag on the go and have increased my milk by a couple of ounces when I pump in the morning and at night. I think they would make a wonderful gift for any expecting Mama who plans on breastfeeding! I will purchase them again!

Abbey J.

I wasn't having an issue with my supply, I just thought these bars would enhance my supply being that they're nutritional (and delicious). I could now nurse my baby and pump 4 ounces immediately after. Between the feedings and pumping, I feel as though I have a steadily and adequate amount of milk.

Nicole C.

Fantastic! I have definitely noticed an increase in supply. I returned to work this week and am still able to pump 9-11oz per day while nursing 4 times! I was very worried about my supply before these bars but not anymore. The flavors are wonderful and I don't feel like I'm having to eat a bunch of unnecessary sugar and junk just to get the benefits. My son has a dairy and soy allergy as well so these are just perfect. Thank you!

Jennifer B.

Not only are these bars really tasty, they truly do help increase your milk supply. I was really anxious about going back to work because I was nervous about being able to store enough milk for my baby, but these bars have given me the confidence I need to provide for him each day. At about $3 a bar, they are a little pricey, but each day I look forward to my bar as a yummy treat, especially knowing that they will help me get what I need for my baby. I've decided that 1 bar per day has been plenty!

Abby S.

I recently purchased the maple walnut bars and they are super delicious! It was hard to not eat more than two bars a day, Once I had to pump, my supply increased about 3 oz each time I pumped. I was so excited! Once my little one turned 8 months, I was struggling a bit with my supply, trying to keep up lol. But once I found these bars I fell in love with them! These bars are a lot healthier than the cookies I was buying. I am placing another order, until my little one decides when breastfeeding is over for us. Thank you so much Dina for making these healthy and delicious bars for all the breastfeeding mommas out there!


I tried taking supplements like Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle but they had a negative impact on me and my babies digestive tract. These bars are a great way to get many supplements that help with breast milk production and still feel good.

Megan D.